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Broj Den
02/29/04 6:29pm


since I have upgraded my linux distribution from
SuSE 5.1 to Slackware 9.1, I can't type anymore brackets [, ] or braces {, } or more generally any combinations with using the Alt-gr key ... I have Mathematica version 4.0 for students.

Why is it not working anymore ?

I read on mathematica forum that people which have this problem should configure the file "" in Mathematica's
directory ... but

1/ I never had to do that before, with my previous linux installation

2/ I understood that it is not possible to have the Alt-gr key to work as a modifier on Mathematica anyway ??? but it was working before ...

I have also checked with the "X environment Information" from frontend
menu what are my keyboard attributes :

It says :
Mod1 KeySym: Meta_L (0x40)
Mod2 KeySym: Num_Lock (0x4d)

and if I checked the Alt-gr key attributes using "Find keys and modifiers", it says :
KeySym: ISO_Level3_Shift
Modifiers: Mod5

Please, can anyone had this problem ? and what to do for the Alt-gr key to work again (as I repeat it was working with no problem without any configuration with my previous linux dist.)

Thanks in advance for any help ...

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