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Steve Ortiz
03/24/04 09:52am

Howdy! I am having some trouble with NDSolve. It gives me the following error:

NDSolve::"ndcf": "Repeated convergence test failure at ...; unable to continue."

I am trying to solve three ODEs, two of which are second order. This error occurs when the third equation reaches a state that eliminates the second order terms from the first two equations. Is there a way around this error? The system is still well-behaved, it's just a lower order after this point. The equations become rather long, so rather than including them here, I have attached my notebook file.

Problem background: I am modeling a simple double pendulum problem, where the mass of the second link is unknown and I use an adaptive feedback controller to determine its mass while applying torques to the joints to reach a desired joint trajectory.

Also, I noticed there is a product called Control Systems Professional (Student 2.0.1). Could anyone tell me from experience if this would help here?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!


Attachment: double-pendulum.nb, URL: ,
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