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Matt Brown
04/11/04 10:45pm

note to moderator: I tried to send this message once before, but don't believe I suceeded. If it did go through, please post this one instead.

I'm trying to use Mathematica from within a program. Specifically I want to send some data to Mathematica and get a plot in return. I have been trying to use the IKernelLink class to do so. It has a method: "EvaluateToGraphics" which takes either a String or a member of the Expr class as an arguement. But no matter what form I use I get a System.Format exception. I even paste the example right out of the API documentation:

ml.EvaluateToImage("Plot[x,{x,0,1}]", 400, 400);

and get the same error.

The MathPictureBox class, which comes with NET/Link, and ises this same method, works just fine when I run it from within Mathematica, but when I try to use it from within Dot.NET I get this same System.Format exception.


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