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04/14/04 11:08am


I use the following function:

In[1]:= qte[x_]=Quantile[NormalDistribution[0,1],x]
Out[1]= Sqrt[2] InverseErf[0,-1+2x]

I obtained with version 4.2 :

In[5]:= qte[5.9*^-15]
Out[5]= -7.71852

But the version 5.0 doesn't produce any result (this freezes). Why?

I gave myself it counts that in the version 4.2

In[1]:= $MachinePrecision
Out[1]= 16

And in the version 5.0:

In[1]:= $MachinePrecision
Out[1]= 15.9546

in the same computer.

Besides of this problem I have had other numeric problems in version 5.0 with programs that worked well in version 4.2, for example some warnings in numeric integration.

I hope you can help me with this problem

Thanks for you attention


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