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David Pilz
04/25/04 11:43pm

I recently purchased mathematica for students for my linear algebra class. The author of the textbook created a .m file called layfunctions.m that creates certain functions regarding matrices. We have to create a file in mathematica\5.0\AddOns\ExtraPackages called "LayData" and save the file there.

We are given lab files that contain an initialization cell that references this, but it never works right. I always get an error message that says "Mathematica beeped to let you know that a warning or error message was generated by the kernel. You can disable this beep by resetting MessageOptions in the Option Inspector."

The text of the initialization cell reads:

$Post := If[MatrixQ[#], MatrixForm[#], #] &;

and underneath there is an error message in red:

GaussianElimination::obslt: The package LinearAlgebra`GaussianElimination` is \
obsolete. Use the single-argument form of LinearSolve instead.

I have no idea what to do--other people in my class downloaded the same program and the same files and don't have any problem. I have made sure to name the files correctly and put them in the right place.

Please help!

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