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James Benson
05/28/04 08:24am

I am trying to find the least sum of squares while fitting an ODE to data for two or three parameters and have developed my own crude algorithm which completes this task in <20 seconds. I then tried to use the NMinimize function, left it overnight, and came back to no solution.

Basically, I have a function which gives sum of squares values for each set of parameters, say (x,y), called ssmodule2p[x,y] which works quite well on it's own, but when I run NMinimize like this:

NMinimize[{ssmodule2p[Lp,Ps], 0<Lp<1, 0<Ps<2}, {Lp, Ps}]

I get no results. Is there something fundamental that I'm missing?

If it's helpful, I could send the notebook, but it's too long to post here.


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