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05/28/04 5:30pm

I have an *extremely* elementary question:

How do you view the help that comes with Calculus Wiz?

I just installed Calculus Wiz (add-on version) on Mathematica 5.0.1 under Mac OS X. When I open a Calculus Wiz notebook, it displays, but when I click one of the headings, it just selects text in the heading. It doesn't navigate or do anything.

When I run the CalculusWizNavigator pallette, I get some buttons to click, but when I click, the help window appears, with the words "CalculusWiz 0.1.1" in the search field, followed by an error beep. Mathematica appears to be searching the help for the string "CalculusWiz 0.1.1" and not finding it.

I'm probably missing one of the most elementary things there is to know about Mathematica, but I've been poking around with this thing for about an hour, and have not gotten anywhere or found a clue.

Have you ever operated Calculus Wiz in Mathematica or viewed the help? If so, how?

Many thanks,


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