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Rasmus J
05/31/04 3:31pm


Im using the following command to solve a diff. egn.

Simplify[DSolve[{u''''[x] == q(1 - x^2/l^2)/EI, u[0] == 0, u[l] == 0, u'[0] == 0, u''[l] == 0}, u[x], x]]

This works well and Mathematica returns this:

{{u[x] -> qx^2(33l^4 - 61l^3x + 30l^2x^2 - 2x^4)/(720 EI l^2}}

Which is the correct solution.

Now i want to create the function u[x_]:= the above.

Of cause copy paste works, but is there an easier way??

I used to do my calc im maple but got tired of the bugs, but here you could refer to the result with rhs(%) {righthandside of %) but can't find that command here.

Anyone who know's how to do this???

M[x_]:=% doesn't work

URL: ,

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