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saujit bandhu
05/31/04 9:34pm

a = 3.4 * 10^-6
lambda = 1.33 * 10^-6
n1 = 1.4675
n2 = 1.45
k0 = (2 * Pi)/lambda
U = a * sqrt[(k0*n1)^2 beta^2]
W = a * sqrt[beta^2 (k0*n2)^2]


Using the value of a, lambda, n1, n2 I would like to find out the value of beta for which the above equation is valid. I tried to use FindRoot but I get a prompt nlnum. I have attached the in the file in which I have tried.

Please provide the required help.

Saujit Bandhu

Attachment: Doc1.doc, URL: ,

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Help Needed saujit bandhu 05/31/04 9:34pm
Re: Help Needed Henry Lamb 06/16/04 2:59pm
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