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06/06/04 02:45am


I have two inequalities which Iíd like to combine into one by eliminating a variable common to both. For example, if I have x < y and y < z as the two inequalities, Mathematica should have a function that converts the two into x < z (i.e. eliminating y).

Iíve tried the Reduce function: Reduce[{x<y,y<z},{x,z}] but that just gives y "is an element of" Reals&&x<y&&z>y Ė it gives separate conditions that must be satisfied rather than combining everything into one.

Iíve also tried the Eliminate function, but that doesnít seem to work: Eliminate[{x<y,y<z},y] just returns me the same thing, Eliminate[{x<y,y<z},y]. Reading the Help description for Eliminate suggests it can only be used for equalities.

If anyone knows of a function that could help, that would be highly, highly appreciated. It seems Mathematica should have such a simple function, but I haven't been able to find it.

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