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Daria Boeninger
06/12/04 1:04pm


I am having a problem getting the page numbering within a Mathematica notebook, with mostly 'text' style cell types to work correctly. I have attached both a sample notebook illustrating this problem and the Default style sheet I am using (no, I guess not, since apparently I can only attach one file, so I'm attaching only the nb itself. By the way, this problem happens with any notebook of mine, not just this one).

1) When I scroll down the document slowly, the page numbers are displayed in the lower left of the window. The complete sequence of page numbers, for me,

2, 5, 6, 10

This of course does not make sense to me.

The first inner cell is of type "title". There follows a series of 5 sections, each containing of cell of type "Section", followed by a cell of type "Text", which is what I want. The page tick-marks are nicely displayed on the RH side. I don't have any confidence, based on my experience, that if I printed out this document, the page breaks would match the tick marks, but which is what I would like to have happen, so I can tell beforehand where the page breaks will occur. I haven't thought that printing will always cause a pagebreak at the beginning of new "Section" style cells. That isn't what I would want and doesn't correspond to the pagebreak tickmarks.
In the Options Inspector, the page break setting is "automatic". I have both "Screen" and "Printing" style environments, in the Format menu env set to "Printout", to maximize the liklihood of matching what I see on-screen, to what gets printed out.
If I can't get a simple thing like pagebreaks and numbering to work correctly, I am going to have to abandon my entire use of Mathematica. This is serious. I've wasted already a huge amount of time trying to get this to work. Can someone please give me a tip on how to this problem?

Thanks very much,

Daria Boeninger

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