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07/17/04 8:32pm

Supposedly, the format of an output file can be set using the FormatType option when the file is opened:

junk = OpenWrite["C:\stuff.txt",

Any info written to junk should be written using FortranForm. This is useful because numbers with exponents can be output with the exponent on one line, and the base on the following line when written in the default format. Anyway, after I set the format, numbers are still being written in the default format instead of FortranForm. I can wrap each each individual number in FortranForm when I output it, but that's annoying. Does anyone know what's going on? I'm running 4.1 if it matters.

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FortranForm Jeremy 07/17/04 8:32pm
Re: FortranForm Forum Modera... 07/17/04 10:34pm
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