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07/24/04 01:56am

umm guys, i really need your help on this one. I had this math subejct before wherein i used the book, if i remember correctly, The Calculus 7 (TC7) by Louis Leithold. I saw some graphings in this book, also some where there were this graphs of functions revolved either along the x or y axis. I understand that this refers to volume produced by revolving then being solved by integration.

What i want to know guys is if it is possible to do such graphing in the computer, such like graphing a parabola and revolving it along the x-axis. I looked at the preface of the book and said it used mathematica, but i can't seem to be able to do it, since im a newbie.

Anyway, can anyone of you give a tutorial of how to do it? thanks :)

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