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08/05/04 1:53pm

I have to write a kind of "real Time" animation. I was writing something like that (the points are just an example for you):

pListe = {PointSize[.1]}; buffer =.;
pListe = Join[pListe, {Hue[Random[]], Point[{Random[], Random[]}]}];
buffer =
Show[Graphics[pListe, ImageSize -> {600, Automatic},
PlotRange -> {{0, 1}, {0, 1}}], DisplayFunction -> Identity];
Cell[GraphicsData["PostScript", #],
"Graphics"] & /@ ({DisplayString[buffer]}), All];
, {n, 1, 100}];

This Code does what I want but there is an ungly flicker. Is it possible just to Show the Next Picture without that "black" and that flicker?

Thanks for Help,

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