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08/20/04 04:50am

Dear all:

I have a series of points, such as (1,2) ,(2,5) ,(3,3), which are put in the file named A.txt.

And, these points are not the format of the lists in Mathematica.

So, Mathematica can not use these points to calculate.

Of course, as I import these points to the notebook, the list of {(1,2), (2,5), (3,3)} makes an error message,
Syntax::sntxf: "(" cannot be followed by "1,2)".

How could I transform the list of the points, {(1,2) ,(2,5), (3,3)}, into the list of the points, {{1,2},{2,5},{3,3}}?

Could you give me a hand?

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questions about {} and () fco 08/20/04 04:50am
Re: questions about {} and () Henry Lamb 08/23/04 04:01am
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