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08/26/04 1:04pm

Please help me with this.

I am now also in difficulty in plotting graphs with details as follows:

I have an equation system with two equations: f(x,y,b)==0 and g(x,y,b)==0 where x and y being variables and b parameter. I want to plot the solution of the system with respect to the parameter, but do not know how to. Please note that the equation system is rather complicated and it can not give pricise solutions with respect to the parameter by using the Solve command. I can only obtain the solution with each specific numeric value of parameter b by using command FindRoot[{ReplaceAll[f[x,y,b],b ->...]==0,ReplaceAll[g[x,y,b],b ->...]==0},{{x,...},{y,...}}].

I am expecting any comments and susgestions, for which I would like to thank very much in advance.


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