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Brian Feeny
09/06/04 09:06am

I am trying to figure out how I can solve for the following in Mathematica:

cos[x+4]=sin[3x+2] where the angle is acute (90>x>0)

I tried to use Solve[], but how do I restrict solve to only angles less than 90 degress but greater than 0? The solution is 21 degrees, but I am having a hard time in figuring how to get Mathematica to do this, i thought maybe I could do something like:

Solve[cos[x+4]=sin[3x+2] , x /; 90>x>0]

but that doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

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Solving Cofunction problem Brian Feeny 09/06/04 09:06am
Re: Solving Cofunction problem lotti 09/09/04 08:14am
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