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09/09/04 10:10am

Hi there !

I have a job to analyze a piece of data (10GB). It is about resonances in the solar system. To make it I need to find the fundamental frequencies in the numerical data set. In addition I should identify the associated amplitudes and phase functions. I have tried FindFit, Fourier and Spectrum /TimeSeries) to extract them, the problem is, that there are a lot of frequiencies in this dataset which seem to make it impossible to gain them with high precision. Has anyone an idea which package / application (from WR or selfmade) can handle this job ? I 've tried the package TimeSeries, but it doesn't really is, what I expected !

Thank you for any inforamtion (URLS, names, hints, notebooks, etc..)

PS: Can anyone answer the question how I can filter out high frequencies from a given data set, before doing spectral analysis ?


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