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Katharina Lehmann
09/14/04 3:09pm

I really hope someone can help me with the following problem:

I have loaded the MultipleListPlot package and tried to display two data. Unfortunately, Mathematica just displayed the statement again, without any plot!

Then, I tried to do the example out of the help browser in my notebook and had the same problem.

In = MultipleListPlot[list1, list2]
Out = MultipleListPlot[{{0.0},...]

After experiencing this I tried to evaluate the help notebook itself and had the same problem and the plot was gone.

Other graphics like Plot or normal ListPlot behave normally.

Does anybody know what happened here? It may very well be that I changed some parameters of the notebook but unintentionally.

I would be very glad about help because I have to write a paper with the data...

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