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10/23/12 04:43am

I have a problem with exporting nested lists.
If I exported a nested list and then import the same list again, Mathematica does not interpret it correctly:

In[63]:= test = {{{1, 2}, 3}, {3, 4}}
Out[63]= {{{1, 2}, 3}, {3, 4}}

In[64]:= Export["out.dat", test]
Out[64]= "out.dat"

In[65]:= Import["out.dat"]
Out[65]= {{"{1,", "2}", 3}, {3, 4}}

See also the attached notebook.
How can I fix it? Using the option "table" (i.e. Export["out.dat",test,"Table"] ) changes nothing.

Thanks in advance!

Attachment: ExportingTestArray.nb, URL: ,

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