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09/30/04 2:14pm

How can I convert an expression of the form

to the form
f[x0,x1,...,xn,t] (or f[t,x0,x1,...,xn])?

In other words, I want to extract the elements of a list and use them -- not the list itself -- as arguments to a function.

The reason for this is that I'm trying to convert a list of input expressions into a pure function, and Function[] won't handle nested arguments.

In more detail:

I'm working with vector-valued functions (systems of ODEs) and the input to my module looks something like this:
MethodName[g_,y_,x_,<other stuff...>]
-- x is the name of the independent variable
-- y is a list of names of variables dependent on whatever variable is passed as 'x'
-- g is a list of expressions involving the variables whose names are passed by 'y' and 'x'

So an example call would be
MethodName[{v,-x},{x,v},t,<other stuff>], representing a system of two ODEs:

Inside the module, I want to create a pure function that I can use to evaluate the expressions 'g':

Hence my problem. I can't just do
(I get error Function::flpar if I try.)

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