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Bill Simpson
10/23/12 8:06pm

It looks like Export is happy to deal with constants, vectors and matricies, but when the list gets deeper it appears to start turning bits into strings.

In[1]:= test={{{1,2},3},{3,4}};

Out[3]//FullForm= List[List["{{{1,","2},","3},","{3,","4}}"]]

But two dimensional matricies work

In[4]:= test={{5.7,4.3},{-1.2,7.8}};

Out[6]//FullForm= List[List[5.7`,4.299999999999999`],List[-1.2`,7.799999999999999`]]

Here is a workaround IF you are using this for correctly formatted lists of any depth.

In[7]:= test={{{1,2},3},{3,4}};

Out[9]= {{{1,2},3},{3,4}}

In[10]:= FullForm[%]

Out[10]//FullForm= List[List[List[1,2],3],List[3,4]]

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