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10/20/04 07:18am

Hello out there,

We want to combine different graphic objects into a single graphic, but that doesn’t work well.
Many attempts failed so we hope that anybody can help us.
We work with Mathematica 5 and Windows XP.

These are the things we have done:

1.) We created two lists of ‘Graphics’ with ‘Polygon’. These lists are defined and shown as ‘Graphics’.

2.) With ‘ListDensityPlot’ we created a third object as ‘DensityGraphic’.

3.) An object with contourlines is defined with ‘LabelContourLines[ListContourPlot[]]‘ (from Tom Wickham-Jones) => type ‘Graphic’.

As you can see in the appendix it is able to combine the ‘DensityGraphic’ with the ‘Graphic’ made by ‘LabelContourLines[ListContourPlot[]]‘.
To combine all types of Graphics (‘DensityGraphic’ and all the other ‘Graphics’) we get a graphic with different proportions, though all objects have the same grid and size.

It is possible to get a correct ‘Graphic’ by changing the number of ‘Contours’ (contourlines).
If the number of ‘Contours’ are three times greater than the first example, you get the right proportions.

The notebook ‘Problem_combining_graphics.nb’ you can find the appendix shows the object types and the graphics itself.

Is there any way to combine all graphics with the desired number of contourlines to get the same picture as you can see at the end of the notebook ‘Problem_combining_graphics.nb’?

Thank you very much for help.


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combining different objects Chrissi 10/20/04 07:18am
Re: combining different objects yehuda ben-s... 10/31/04 2:43pm
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