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yehuda ben-shimol
10/31/04 00:23am

If you use simplification (as already given in previouse answers to your post)
Simplify[2 Log[a, x] - Log[a, (x - 1)] == Log[a, (x - 2)]]
you get
(Log[-2 + x] + Log[-1 + x] - 2*Log[x])/Log[a] == 0
so the solution depends only on the numerator and involves only natural log (no "a" in the numerator)
Plot the numerator and easily see that the numerator approaches the x axis from below (actually they meet at infinity).
but forr all practical purposes a large enough number will do.
for other cases where you may have a finite solution, after simplifying as mentioned befor, you may use numerical solution with FindRoot
FindRoot["the numerator of the simplified expression",{x,x0}]
where x0 is a starting value

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