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11/19/04 5:41pm


I have a very simple question. I am new to mathematica so I need a bit of help.

i have the following code:
g[x_] = x^3 - 3 x + 1
FindRoot[g[x] == 0, {x, -2}]

I get the following result:

{x -> -1.87939}

How do I use the result in another equation without having to retype -1.87939.

if i want to calculate:
x + 1 to get 0.87939
then nothing happens as mathematica does not take the value of x = -1.87939.

So how do I use the value of x that i got in the 1st part, to calculate x + 1 without having to type -1.87939 directly or having to declare it as a new variable?

hope someone can help


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