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11/20/04 11:00am


This is the code:

compStrats[parmed1_, parmed2_, ngames_, step_, init_, raise_] :=
Module[{par1, par2},
Table[pokerntimes[ngames, parmed1[par1], parmed2[par2], init, raise],
{par1, 0, 1, step}, {par2, 0, 1, step}]

allStrats = compStrats[simpleStratGen, simpleStratGen, 1, .1, 1, 1]

{{{2,-2},{-2,2},{-2,2},{1,-1},{-2,2},{2,-2},{1,1},{1,-1},{-2,2},{1,-1},{1,-1}},{{2,-2}, ...}},...}}}
I need a 3D Plot with the x axis as "par1" from 0 to 1, the y axis as "par2" from 0 to 1, and the first value of each matrix (i.e. 2,-2,-2,1,-2,2,1,1,....)on the z axis.

The other functions written are written in my real code and help with the output. I just need help with this part

Does anyone know how this can be done.


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