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11/30/04 11:21am

I have a little java app that does some operations connecting to the kernel via JLink.

I use the following lines to get a link to the kernel (locally, on my PowerBook):
String argsOSX = "-linkmode launch -linkname '\"/Applications/Mathematica\" -mathlink'";
KernelLink ml = MathLinkFactory.createKernelLink(argsOSX);

Now, here is what I would like to do (probably a newbie question):

I have access (via ssh) to a remote kernel ('math' command) on Unix machine (let's call it which is running Mathematica 5.0 for Sun Solaris.
I would like my java app to use the remote kernel (on the unix host) instead of the one installed on my PowerBook (so that I can use the java app from other computers where there's not Mathematica installed). Is there a way to do that? I was dreaming it was something trivial like make the remote kernel listen to a specific port (let's say 60000) and then, on the java client, use something like "createKernelLink("...but of course createKernelLink doesn't seem to accept a remote host as parameter.

Please, can anybody help?

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