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10/24/12 10:26pm

PowerDensity[antenna_, loc_] := Module[antenna {a, b, c} loc {x, y},
PowerDensity = c/(4*Pi*((a x)^2 + (b y)^2)^(1/2))]
PowerDensity[{1000, 1000, 12}, {0, 0}]

Module::lvlist: Local variable specification {1000,1000,12} {a,b,c} {0,0} {x,y} is not a List. >>

Not sure why it isnt putting a=1000 b = 1000 c=12 and so on can someone please tell me how to fix this code.
Hi guys Im sure there are coding experts on this site that can help someone like me who knows next to nothing on how to code.
I study hard understand the logic behind the problem but then IM just unable to code it, is there anyway to get better at this ?

PS. new to mathematica

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Defining variables Micahel 10/24/12 10:26pm
Re: Defining variables Michael 11/03/12 12:37pm
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