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SÚrgio Costa
12/22/04 04:52am

I┤m using the InverseFourierTransform function from the Signals and Systems package. I want to calculate the Inverse Fourier Transform of an expression like this one:

H = a/((b + I*w)(c + I*w));

Replacing a=b=1 I obtain:

H = 1/((1 + I*w)(c + I*w));
InverseFourierTransform[H, w, t]

\!\(\(\((\[ExponentialE]\^\(-t\) - \[ExponentialE]\^\(\(-c\)\ t\))\)\ \
UnitStep[t]\)\/\(\(-1\) + c\)\)

Which is correct. But, when I substitue b=2:

H = 1/((1 + I*w)(2 + I*w));
InverseFourierTransform[H, w, t]

\!\(\(-\[ExponentialE]\^\(1\/2\ \((\(-3\)\ t - Abs[t])\)\)\)\)

Which is not correct. Could this be a bug with the function? I hope someone can help me. Please check the attached notebook.

Attachment: problem.nb, URL: ,
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