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12/22/04 06:57am

I don't even know whether Mathematica can do the following but in the feint hope it can:

How do you colour numbers depending on their factors. For example, I have written a function that computes the amount of ways that two primes numbers can be added together to make any desired even number g[k].

I have then plotted g[k] against k (desired even number) and have produed a lovely graph. It would now be fantastic if I could colour points on the graph so that if a number was divisible by 3 say, it was yellow, if it were divisible by 3 and 7 it was Magenta etc.

As I said before I do not know if this is even possible expecially for such a complicated function as the one I have which involves Prime, Count, SetAttributes, Orderless, Union, Flatten, Outer, ListPlot...!!

Thank you for your help.

Season's Greetings.

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