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12/28/04 01:05am


The matrices W1, W2,Fx1 and Fx2 have been solved. When the basic calculation, dy[2,1]=W1[[2,2]]×Fx1[[2,1]]-W2[[2,2]]×Fx2[[2,1]]+W1[[2,4]]×Fx1[[4,1]]-W2[[2,4]]×Fx2[[4,1]],is done, dy[2,1]output is 0.×10^4. If I apply the "enter" key to the output, the value is as follows: 0.30176021`-5.461955855577274.

Which value is believable? If the second is feasible, how can I get the value for my next calculation, since the dy[2,1] default value is zero. What should I do to avoid the case?

Thanks in advance


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How to explain the solution? Shinnie 12/28/04 01:05am
Re: How to explain the solution? yehuda ben-s... 12/28/04 3:44pm
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