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02/06/05 11:35am

I request everybody woever knows how to extract specific values returned from the Regress function to respond. After running the following code:

data1 = Import["data.dat"]

poly = Flatten[Table[x^i y^j, {i, 0, 2}, {j, 0, 2}]]
regress = Regress[data1, poly, {x,
y}, RegressionReport -> {FitResiduals, SinglePredictionCITable, ParameterConfidenceRegion}]
estm = ParameterConfidenceRegion /. regress

I get the following Output:

Ellipsoid[{7.8639175680313835, 0.3315933066518388,-0.0012260631708250768, 1.1694323715747024,-.017865018414324,.00006732142258383567,-0.01668103417938568, 0.00025772546651941245,
-9.596683186328833`*^-7}, (...},{...}....]
Now I want to extract the first set of data from Ellipsoid i.e. {}. How do I do that.

any suggestion regarding this would be of great help.

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