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10/25/12 3:35pm


I seem to have found a strange problem with the StatusArea function and the statusarea of a hyperlink. For example: when the mouse cursor is positioned over the output of

In[1]:= Hyperlink["Mathematica", ""]


in the status area of the notebook the link is displayed. However,
when the mouse cursor is positioned over the output of

In[2]:= StatusArea[Hyperlink["Mathematica", ""], "Mathematica Homepage"]

Out[2]:= Mathematica

we should have Mathematica Homepage displayed in the status area, but we don't. We instead have the same link as before.

This also true in the Mathematica documentation page for Hyperlink, under Properties & Relations.

I discovered this when I was trying to set up a function that would show the current SessionTime[] in the status area.
I did this by evaluating

WindowStatusArea ->
"You've been using Mathematica for ",
" Sec"],
UpdateInterval -> .05]

But I noticed that the status area no longer displayed URL's of Hyperlinks in the notebook. I thought that the HyperLinks and other StatusArea "function" would supersede the WindowStatusArea notebook option.

Is there a way to show the SessionTime[] in the status area, but also show URL's of Hyperlinks when they are moused over?


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