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Timo Steffens
02/23/05 08:57am


I found a strange difference between the command-line version 4.0 and the graphical version 5.1 for windows.

For a task of the form
{skipped some definitions}
NIntegrate[p1*p2, {d3, 0, 1}, {d2, 0, 1}]

the command-line version prints several warnings such as NIntegrate::inum:, NIntegrate::nlim:, NIntegrate::slwcon:, but it yields a result very soon.
However, the graphical version does not print any warning messages at all, but calculates endlessly, using up all memory, and even after hours does not return a result (although the command-line version returned a result after few seconds).

Is this a configuration problem of the windows version? If so, is there an option to "force" a result?



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Graphical version yields no integration result... Timo Steffens 02/23/05 08:57am
Re: Graphical version yields no integration res... Timo Steffens 02/24/05 09:28am
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