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02/23/05 1:13pm

The latest Intel Pentiums have a feature called hyperthreading. Some Operating systems see this processor as 2 processors (e.g. Linux Knoppix and MS XP SP1). In reality it is (are?) not two processors, but the performance is something like 1,6 processors if the application recognizes the feature and is written for it.

I have a Mathematica, reinstalled on such a PC after total crash of my celeron 500Mhz.

When running cpu intensive things, my CPU load for the Mathematica kernel never exceeds 50%. Being able to do other things easily, this can be seen as a feature.

However, I am curious :
1 Is Mathematica by design just using 50%.
2 Is Mathematica, from a license point of view, just using 1 of 2 processors, which would explain the 50% CPU load ?

Above questions may be ill defined. The issue itself does not keep me out of sleep. (half a Pentium 2.8 Ghz is 3 times better than my previous Celeron 500Mhz). I am just curious, can you elucidate on the subject hyperhreading and Mathematica ?

Vincent van Deth

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Pentium hyperthreading Math Vincent 02/23/05 1:13pm
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