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10/25/12 8:33pm

When calculating the norm and the dotproduct of vectors, I keep getting the Abs of x,y,z.

t = pi/2
p = 0

k = {sin[t]*cos[p], sin[t]*sin[p], cos[t]}
oP = {x, y, z}

Sqrt[Abs[cos[pi/2]]^2 + Abs[cos[0] sin[pi/2]]^2 +
Abs[sin[0] sin[pi/2]]^2]
Sqrt[Abs[x]^2 + Abs[y]^2 + Abs[z]^2]

k.oP)^2 == (cos (a)*nK*noP)^2
(x cos[0] sin[pi/2])^2 ==
1/64 cos^2 pi^2(Abs[x]^2+Abs[y]^2+Abs[z]^2)(Abs[cos[pi/2]]^2+Abs[cos[0]sin[pi/2]]^2+Abs[sin[0]sin[pi/2]]^2)

Is there a way to get rid of the Abs?

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