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Andrew Shaw
03/04/05 11:14am

I am wondering if anyone knows how do you make the terms in one list equal the terms in another? I have my list of variables KSO2 KH2O and KHSO3 and I calcualte values from constants for each into a list Kvalue. Then I want to assign the value of KSO2 to the first value in Kvalue list. Next KH20 to the second value and so on. Here is what I tried.

Clear[Subst, KSO2, KH2O, KHSO3]

Subst = {KSO2, KH2O, KHSO3}
A = {637.396, -13445.9, 1333.4};
B = {0,-22.4773,0};
C={-0.0151337,0 , 0};
D={-1.96211, 140.932, -21.274};
Kvalue = Exp[(A/T)+(B*Log[T]) + (C*T)+D]


Out[333]= {KSO2,KH2O,KHSO3}

Out[339]=({0.01312, 9.924705*^-15, 5.05904*^-8})

Out[340]=({0.01312, 9.924705*^-15, 5.05904*^-8}\)

Out[341]= KSO2

Out[342]= KH2O

Out[343]= KHSO3

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