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03/10/05 09:26am

I am trying to do the following:

I have 3 equations:

f[theta, thetafield] = Bres*Cos[thetafield-theta] - 4*PI*Meff*Cos[2*theta] (1)

g[theta, thetafield] = Bres*Cos[thetafield-theta] - 4*PI*Meff*(Cos[theta])^2 (2)


Bres*Sin[thetafield-theta] - 4*PI*Meff*Sin[2*theta] = 0 (3)

(4*PI*Meff and Bres are just parameters, and the variables are theta and thetafield)

The purpose is to write the functions f and g as a function of Bres and Meff only for each angle thetafield ranging from 0 to PI/2

The idea is to use equation (3) at first in order to get the solution theta for different thetafield.

My script is as follow:


h[theta_] := Bres*Sin[thetafield-theta] - 4*PI*Meff*Sin[2*theta];

For [thetafield==0, thetafield<PI/2, thetafield+=1,
Solve [f[theta]==0, theta]

The problem with this script is that I can

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label solutions jm 03/10/05 09:26am
Re: label solutions Randy 03/18/05 6:40pm
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