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Peter Lord
03/15/05 03:43am

I'm working with a largish directed graph data set (32,000+ edges) and have my edge pairs in a list like:

g = {1->12425,1->12352,7->5123,9->2000,...}

Using <<DiscreteMath'GraphPlot, I can create graphics of my data with ease, however I'm having difficulty using the Combinatorica modules to analyze the digraph.

I've attempted to create a Combinatorica graph format by using:

however when I use Head to check my results, I get:


Not entirely unexpected as the edge list is represented, and the type is correct, but I'm stuck on the vertex reporting as 1... With this graph format, ShowGraph[FromOrderedPairs[g]] will not produce any graphic output, and none of the more intresting Combinatorica functions to analyze my graph will work...

Any ideas on how to get the functionality I'm used to in GraphPlot working in Combinatorica? I assume I just need to transform the edge data into a different format - any suggestions?

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GraphPlot and Combinatorica Data Format Issues? Peter Lord 03/15/05 03:43am
Re: GraphPlot and Combinatorica Data Format Iss... yehuda ben-s... 03/17/05 03:31am
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