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Bernhard von Vacano
04/04/05 08:17am

Hello all,

I am experiencing problems with a Mathematica simulation I am trying to perform.

The first part of my notebook evaluates without any problems:

ETL[w_] := Exp[-(w - w0)^2/width^2*2 Log[2]]

EPer[w_] := ETL[w]* Exp[I Pi Cos[2 Pi w/Wm]] EPerCC[w_] := ETL[w]* Exp[-I Pi Cos[2 Pi w/Wm]]

parameter := {w0 -> 12500, width -> 250, Wm -> 128}

AmpTL[W_] = Integrate[ETL[w]ETL[w + W] /. parameter, {w, 10000, 20000}]

This is the first expression I need for plotting (in the Range of W = 0..1000), and gives the correct results.

With my so far limited mathematica skills, I could not get the following modified expression to be evaluated:

AmpPer[W_] = Integrate[EPerCC[w]EPer[w + W] /. parameter, {w, 10000, 20000}]

Like this, it only produces "$RecursionLimit::reclim: "Recursion depth of 256 exceeded." und "$IterationLimit::itlim: Iteration limit of 4096 exceeded."

I have tried other limits for the integration, indefinite integration and NIntegrate, but so far it did not work.

Could anybody help me with this? I don't really know which parameters to use or how to restate the problem to get it working. It doesn't seem too hard to compute, does it?

Thank you very much in advance,


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