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Lance Latham
05/20/05 01:13am

Newbie to Mathematica. I have defined a function that returns a single integer. The function works, so don't go there. I then define:
which dutifully shows me the nested list.I then issue:
For[i=5,i<11,i++, For[j=2,j<21,j++, c[i,j] =
where the 'ludus' is the function that I mentioned. This is accepted, and one can explore the 'c' array by looking at c[5,2] or any of the array elements, which all have their correct values. Now the problem:
chokes and spits up a nonsense message:
"SurfaceGraphics::gmat c is not a rectangular array larger than 2 x 2"
I'm sorry, but we've looked at 'c', and it IS a rectangular array, and it sure as hell is bigger than 2x2. It references like an array, was defined as an array, looks like an array, quacks like an array. It's an array. What's the problem here?


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