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05/21/05 6:34pm


Im trying to make an animation of a damped oscillator. I solved the differential equation, and stored the Y position values in a list like this:

Lista = Table[Evaluate[y[t] /. %], {t, 0, 12}]

where y[t] is the solution of the equation. This saves 12 values.

Then to make the animation, I do this:


the grhapics, lets say I chooe a line and want to alter it's limits, so I do something like this:

Line[{{0, -1.5 + Lista[x]}, {0, 4}}]

and the "Do" condition are like these {x,0,10}

that way, the "vertical string" is fixed on top (0,4) and, the bottom coordenates are changing because the Do moves the X, and the X determines what number of the list is chosen, so, if the list is like this : Lista = {2,1,0}, the bottom coordante of the "string" would change like this : (0, 0.5) , (0, -0.5) , (0,-1.5)

Everything is fine I think, but I get this error:

"Coordinate ({2.} in {0, {2.}) is not a floating-point \

can anyone help me out? thank you very much in advance.

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