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Yvonne Ding
06/01/05 2:03pm

I searched the forums for a reason, but nothing applies in my (unlikely) case... It's like I am wondering whether I am the only person in the world having a tail but can not work up the courage to ask others whether they have the same problem...

Okay, here goes. I am running a set of procedures on the same computer so both hardware and software are the same. And I basically didn't make any changes to the notebook. But the same procedures can produce totally different results at different times!

More background on the mistery. I have this file, scan4.nb, which produces an array of data. I notice that I can implement the procedures differently and get different results so I try to trace the evaluation processes to find out what went wrong with which implementation. And after some digging into the procedures it turns out the original implementation was correct, it just didn't produce the correct results initially! And I don't know what really "corrects" it because I can never get it to replicate the incorrect evaluation once it gets the correct results--all I did is to trace the procedures step by step and a some point the results change. This happens a couple of times before but I didn't keep the notebooks so there's no proof that this happened, and I feel ashamed to tell people about this unlikely problem. But this time I have saved both the initial and final results, and I wish someone has an explanation.

The files are rather big (about 3MB each), so I can't attached it here. Please email me if you are interested in taking a look at it. Thank you very much!

Yvonne Ding

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