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06/18/05 1:44pm

Dear colleague,
Sorry to bother you, but I am indeed really depressed by the equations below:

eq1 = DH1[x] == v1*x* DH1'[x] + v2*x*x*DH1''[x] + v3*v4*x - v3* DH1[x] + v5
eq2 = DL[x] == v1*x* DL'[x] + v2*x*x*DL''[x] + v6*(DH2[x] - DL[x]) + v5
eq3 = DH2[x] == v1* x* DH2'[x] + v2*x*x*DH2''[x] - v3*(DH2[x] - DL[x]) + v5
bound1 = DL[XL] == v4*XL
bound2 = DH1[XH] == v7*XH
bound3 = DH1[XL] == DH2[XL]
bound4 = DH1'[XL] == DH2'[XL]
DSolve[{eq1, eq2, eq3, bound1, bound2, bound3, bound4}, {DH1[x], DL[x], DH2[x]}, x]

The output of DSolve is always the same as input. Your help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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