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Randy Silvers
06/20/05 05:37am

I'm trying to create a plot with specific ticks marks or symbols. I'd like the vertical axis to be the left end of the graph and the horizontal axis to be at 0, with the only tick mark on the vertical axis at 0.

However, I cannot get the 0 to appear.

Plot[-5(x-.5)^3-.3,{x,0,1},AxesLabel->{p,"MR|MC}, PlotRange->{{0,.7}, {-2,1}}, Ticks->{{{.5,"p1"}, {.610706,"p2"}}, {0}}, ImageSize->421]

If I change the PlotRange, then the axis extends to the left and the 0 tick still does not appear. If I change the tick from {0} to {{0,"0"}}, still no tick appears for the vertical axis. If I change origin of the axes to {0,-.1}, then 0 appears but now the axis is at y=-.1.

Any thoughts on how to make a "0" appear at the left end of the graph, with the axis at y=0.


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