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06/21/05 04:53am

hiii...i m writing a funciton in which i assign the solution of a differential equation to a variable ...somehting like this

Vzf=Functon[x,DSolve[{y''[x] - g1*y[x] + g2*Cosh[k*x]/Cosh[k] +
g3 == 0, y[-1] == 0, y[1] == 0}, y, x]; Vz = y[x] /. %]

the problem is mainly that since there is no output after solving the differential equation the assignment of the Vz doesnot there any other way to solve this problem...
i m new to mathematica..and donot know of the various intricacies of this program...pls help me out

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problem with a funciton dibyadeep 06/21/05 04:53am
Re: problem with a funciton yehuda ben-s... 06/21/05 11:04am
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