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Dave Loveall
05/27/99 3:43pm

I'm attempting to output an eps file for a paper, and I'm having trouble, I assume, with the renderer. An example is the best method to show the problem.

If I plot:


Everything plots on screen and in the EPS file without a problem.

If I plot:

Display[''foo.eps'',Show[ListContourPlot[Table[x^2+y^2,{x,-1,1,1},{y,-1,1,1}]],Frame->True,FrameLabel->{''\[Theta] [deg]'',''E[eV]''}],''EPS'']

Everything plots on screen, but the EPS file is considerably smaller (1/4 the size) and only the lower axis is plotted, with only the part of the label ''\[Theta]'' shown, but not ''[deg]''. The entirety of the graph is not plotted. It seems to do this for other greek characters as well.

I'm running both of these commands in a new session (ie, there is no function \[Theta]). Any suggestions?

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