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07/20/05 2:24pm


I would like to display together about four different plots, that are fits of nonlinear regression and each plot is coming from a different dataset.
My simple code looks like this:
data = Import["C:/temp/dataset1.csv"];
(reg = NonlinearRegress[data, 1\(1
+ c*\[Exp]-b*x)), x, {c,b}])
dataList = ListPlot[data])
(Plot[1\(1 +
c*\[Exp((-b*x\)) /. reg[([1, 2])], {x, 0,
(Show[%, %%]),
Please let me know if you have any idea, tried with displaytogether, but didnt work..

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Display together lewis 07/20/05 2:24pm
Re: Display together yehuda ben-s... 07/24/05 07:47am
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