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Tyson Olheiser
07/26/05 12:37pm

Here is my problem. I am trying to do a ListPlot of histo (defined below). However, when I try to do a ListPlot, it says that histo is not a list. In doing a Head[histo], it classifies it as a BinCount and not a list. Also, I checked and Flatten[pixelvalues[[All, All, 1]]] is in fact a list. Can someone show me what is going wrong. Is there a package that is not installed? Thanks.

histo =
Flatten[pixelvalues[[All, All, 1]]]]

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BinCounts Tyson Olheiser 07/26/05 12:37pm
Re: BinCounts yehuda ben-s... 07/26/05 6:15pm
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