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Sinval Santos
10/29/12 08:12am

ss = {{H[1], M[1], M[2]}, {H[2], H[1], M[2]}, {M[1], H[1], H[2]}, {H[2], M[2],

It does not work.

In[1]:= Cases[ss, u_ /; (u[[1]] == H[_]) && (u[[2]] == M[_])]

Out[1]= {}

It only works with this form.

In[2]:= Cases[ss, u_ /; (u[[1]] == H[1] || u[[1]] == H[2]) && (u[[2]] == M[1] ||
u[[2]] == M[2])]

Out[2]= {{H[1], M[1], M[2]}, {H[2], M[2], M[1]}}

How do?

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Cases Sinval Santos 10/29/12 08:12am
Re: Cases Bill Simpson 10/29/12 12:25pm
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